Acoustic underlayment

             Rubber/ Cork/ Foam granules bond 

      with enviroment friendly PUR binder to creat 

                  a great sound reduction product.

           Outdoor rubber floor

               Anti UV,  water proof, slip 

             resistant, elastic rubber floor

Safety rubber mat

You can choose your color and  it will keep same color for 5years

Office, show room floor

Color, thickness and style DIY

            Sports facilities---- floor

                   Ideal sports facilities for easy 

          install and long life span with moderate


            Gym floor, fitness floor

     Very strong strike will not break the floor. 

          Protect your floor and your nabour.

Rubber flooring

JIADONG is the trustable rubber flooring brand in the area.

Decoration rubber paper

Fashion shop, retail store shelf    decoration rubber paper

Shanghai Jiadong Industrial

Environment friendly rubber flooring,natural design style,anti-fatigue, anti-UV, slip resitance and noise reduction, help you creat increasing life.

Jiadong Flooring system solutions

Eco flooring, easy installation creat new style comerate life.

Shanghai Jiadong construction cases

Quality is the core competitivity

Powerful technical background to ensure your success

New Technical production, Decades of years construction experience


Jiadong Glue is made from polyurethane glue and rubber particles after high temperature, high pressure and vulcanization。

Technical data download

To provide you with professional technical information, please consult the Jiadong technical department.

After-sale service

Shanghai Jiadong has a professional construction team, around Shanghai or a large area can be constructed nationwide.

shanghai Jiadong

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